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Life Without God In America Will Leave Us Vulnerable To Satan

Life Without God Is an empty life without purpose or meaning – A ship would be aimless without its rudder to guide it – God is our rudder and guide

Truly; life without God is an empty existence without purpose or meaning. Indeed; how far would a ship go without its rudder to guide it? God is our rudder and guide. In fact; Jesus Christ died that we do not go through this life lonely and aimless. Living Without God is living without direction or purpose. Also; living without God is not living at all. It’s merely passing through with nothing tangible to look forward to at our death. Indeed; I am grateful for the gift to write. Because the Holy Spirit often teaches me as I do so. Indeed; life without God is life without purpose and hope, and it leaves us feeling incomplete.

Remember the anticipation of receiving some material thing we desired? But; how long did it take for the excitement to wear off upon receiving what we wanted? And if obtaining what we wanted included a monthly payment, was the happiness further reduced? Certainly; while God doesn’t deprive us of enjoying life’s gifts, they were never meant to replace him. No; objects of desire were never intended to fill us up with lasting satisfaction. And the same is true when receiving the gift of a person in our life.
Similarly; while a person is not an object the same natural law applies. No; a person or thing was never intended to fill us and sustain us. Acquiring people and things were never meant to fix our brokenness.

The Emptiness Remains For A Life Without God

I have always been curious about finding figuring things out and seeing the truth. But; God certainly knows I have taken paths leading to nowhere. I have experienced many things in this life, some beneficial to growth, and some not so good. Moreover; I’ve learned that people and things come and go, and without God, the emptiness remains.

Life Without God is a simple, unpretentious post because loving God is pure and true. Indeed; imagine if Christ never died for us. What are the implications of that? And; without this supreme sacrifice, would we be left to our own devices?  Would grace and mercy exist if God had not sent his Son in our place? Moreover; would death have been the end of us, never to return in any form?

We all could have’s in our lives. And; thank God he loves us enough to let us stumble awhile, knowing we would. To those I may have hurt in my life, I earnestly pray for your forgiveness. And; to all those who have punctured my heart with daggers, go in peace.

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