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Devil In The Peoples House

Book – Devil In The Peoples House

Book – Devil In The Peoples House by MasterBlogger1

Book – Devil In The Peoples House “Insightful and Revealing Read Exposing Democrat Progressive Liberalism at War with God and the Soul of a Nation”

Indeed; Devil In The Peoples House states that clouds are gathering throughout the homeland. This indicates a storm is looming over our beloved America. Old glory blows in a severe wind of change, ushering in an era of decay and destruction. Sadly; America’s symbol she has become tattered and worn.
Moreover; maintaining the appearance of strength may have its limits. Will we heed the warnings, writes Author, MasterBlogger1? Furthermore; Book – Devil In The Peoples House is relevant as long as liberals are on Satan’s payroll, he states. Indeed; Strength isn’t possible under constant attacks by the Progressive Liberals, says MasterBlogger1.

If America’s to succeed, confronting evils of progressive liberalism cannot be avoided. Certainly; the fact that liberals are harming our nation is something we must face head-on. Because; like it or not, we’ll have to awaken to the evils of progressive liberalism. Furthermore; We must also expose their allies. Mainstream media, Hollywood, and the public school system brainwashing our youth is a poison. Clearly; Democrat progressive liberal socialists are cleaver, well funded, and apparently well connected. But; if God-fearing conservatives take to prayer, we will defeat their evil agenda for America!

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Book – Devil In The Peoples House Exposes Decay

Devil In The Peoples House exposes the decay in America. Rot exists beneath the surface, and cracks abound in our foundation as a nation. Being abused is a great country writes MasterBlogger1, Author of the Book – Devil In The Peoples House. Moreover; America is being exploited and robbed of her essence by progressive liberals.

An evil force is undermining our nation. Additionally; many among us are in support of the evil one’s agenda. Evils of Progressive Liberalism will continue to fester and increase if we don’t pray. Indeed; remaining asleep to what is occurring will be the destruction of our great nation. Anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear knows this is not a theory but a fact. Indeed; the evidence of wickedness is apparent to those who possess wisdom and discernment. And, we cannot have the victory over Satan if we are asleep to his presence. So; born into this world is an agenda of destruction. And, formed in a very dark place indeed, is the plan to harvest souls.

Devil In The Peoples House is available for purchase now. You may buy the book at or and fine bookstores everywhere.


Book – Devil In The Peoples House was written to expose Satan and his Democrat allies. Furthermore; this book will challenge you to look deeper into a wicked agenda. Certainly; there are evil ones among us who’s tactics are to rob us as we sleep. Indeed; they will harvest America for Satan as we rest. Undoubtedly; these lost souls seek to undermine our eternal salvation with Jesus Christ.

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Imagine If Man allowed God To Direct His Life Eliminating Satan

Imagine what life in America and the world would be like if God was in control? Certainly; a world without evil influence is a planet at Peace with the Savior.

Truly; imagine the implications of having God among us, yes, walking among us! Indeed; no one knows for sure about all the intricate, exciting details. But just the thought of having him in charge gives us much hope for eternity. Clearly; humans have botched things up on planet earth. So; having the architect of the universe running the show will be glorious, Imagine!

In our human form, we cannot fathom the full measure of what our Father has in store. Certainly; the full depth and breadth of what awaits those who love him is unimaginable! Can you even imagine what it will be like to dwell with God forever? Indeed; it boggles the human mind to think that such a blessing can be possible. But those who know him trust in his promises. Certainly; if we want some hope and encouragement, all we have to do is get to know him through his living word. Please consider; John 14:2 In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

Can you imagine? Indeed; doesn’t the above passage get you to think? Why do we strive to obtain material things on this earth when the real treasure isn’t here?

But Not So Fast

Not so fast! Our Father is clear; Getting to heaven is not some entitlement program that is free for all who apply. Sorry Democrats; but the passage into heaven isn’t anything like the free stuff you promise your unconscious voters. No; our Father expects something for what he offers us. And if we do his will and act upon it, the rewards are out of this world; literally! Please consider;  Matthew 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

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